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New Product Introduction

The optimal connection between development and production

The employeneurs of TMC New Product Introduction (NPI), are experts in the industrialization of products and processes. We understand the needs of the product developer as well as those of the production department. This is how we arrive at an effective production facility.

Shortest time to market

We connect R&D and production, with the intention of achieving the shortest time to market. This starts with a critical look at the product design, in which we test manufacturability (tolerances), assemblability and possible risks, among other things. We also look for opportunities and risks in the process design and discuss them with the production department. In other words, we ensure that a product can be effectively manufactured, assembled and tested. Result: putting a product in production “first time right,” with the expected quality, at the right cost and with the desired level of productivity.

NPI in practice

NPI processes are project-based and carried out by a multidisciplinary team, with NPI employeneurs often serving in a coordinating role. Essential to this are rapid understanding of technical matters, good communication and organizational skills, and the ability to coordinate with different levels and disciplines, within and outside an organization. We fill various roles for a variety of clients: manufacturing engineer, supplier quality engineer, process engineer and project manager. You will find us mostly in the high-tech machine & module building, semiconductor and automotive industries.

TMC NPI professionals often have years of experience in a development or manufacturing environment. We continuously work on our personal and professional development through coaching, training and by gaining experience at different companies. It is precisely this broad knowledge-building that makes us so attractive to many clients: we add value to an organization.

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