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An international high-tech consultancy company with a team of entrepreneurial engineers, scientists, and digital experts from around the world.

The Member Company

TMC is a global high-tech consultancy firm with a team of entrepreneurial engineers, scientists, and digital experts from around the world. Together we form a fast-growing and proud community. We offer consultancy services in diverse industries such as high-tech, semiconductors, digital and IT services, energy and renewables, and life sciences, with access to high-profile clients globally.

As pioneers in employeneurship, we have redefined the traditional work model, offering our talented professionals the opportunity to combine the security of a permanent contract with their passion for entrepreneurship.

Discover The Member Company
Our purpose

We aim to become the global home of employeneurs. A great workplace where our people can thrive.

Our values

Everything we do is centered around our values transparency, sharing, respect, empathy and autonomy.

ESG policy

We continuously tailor our ESG policy to suit the ESG ambitions of all our stakeholders.

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Brands within TMC Group

Up to 2023, our growth was primarily organic. To meet the needs of our clients even better, we have expanded our brand portfolio. This means we carefully select and integrate brands that share the same values. By expanding our capabilities, these brands complement and enhance what we are really good at.

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People Drive Technology

Engineers, scientists and digital experts are the driving force behind the developments and innovations that shape our world today. Think of AI accelerating research in diverse fields such as life sciences, which helps to transform life-changing possibilities into realities. And what about the solutions to combat climate change in this revolutionary energy transition. Our people help to significantly deliver the best outcomes for everyone, everywhere. That’s the reason why we believe it's people that drive technology!

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