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Life Sciences & Pharma

We bring together expertise in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical devices by optimizing commercial manufacturing processes, including technology transfers, commissioning, and qualification/validation, while ensuring the highest standards of quality and compliance. With a commitment to quality and compliance, we strive to make a positive impact on global health outcomes.

Innovating for a healthier future

Life sciences improve people’s lives and make society healthier, whether through new medicines, detailed mapping of human metabolism, inventive ways of diagnosing cancer, or many other technologies. TMC employeneurs participate in shaping the future of health technologies and the manufacturing processes behind them. They help organizations face life science challenges with great drive and expert knowledge, ensuring top-notch quality and compliance in every step of commercial manufacturing.

Life science employeneurs

You will find TMC employeneurs at organizations ranging from large international pharmaceutical and food companies to biological and biotechnological start-up companies. We provide them with consultancy services and take on (content) management roles.

We optimize the production of medicines, conduct clinical studies and manage innovative technological projects, for example. Our team is specifically focused on bioprocess engineering, research and development, quality, clinical and regulatory affairs.

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