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Field Service

TMC employeneurs keep complex machines and installations running, both locally and internationally

Machines and installations are becoming increasingly complex. TMC employeneurs are passionate about the challenges this complexity entails. We are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to assemble, test, install and maintain machines and fleets. As well as to lead and oversee production sites under construction or at full operation. We know what it takes to keep complex machines or fleets running – both on a technical and human level.

Service engineers

We are a team of operational engineers, technicians, team leaders, project leaders and site managers. From recent graduates to technicians with thirty years’ experience; from secondary vocational education trained engineers to those with higher vocational and university degrees. Thanks to our hands-on mentality, technical expertise and social skills, we quickly adapt to the needs of our clients. You will primarily find us in the high-tech and general mechanical engineering sectors, the food and packaging industries, the heavy equipment and automotive industries as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

We are happy to take on any challenge when it comes to complex machinery. We are in our element when working on constructing and maintaining (existing) machine fleets involving a wide range of equipment. We also know our stuff when assembling, installing and testing advanced high-tech machinery on site. Or when keeping an overview during the construction of an entirely new machine fleet, both locally and internationally.

Further development and finding the right match

We find the right job for every employeneur. We are also constantly looking into ways we can develop further, through training programs and coaching. We take control of our own careers. That is not only what is best for us personally, as we can continue doing what we enjoy, but it’s also what’s best for our clients, because they can count on well-trained, motivated employees.

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Netherlands Field Service Eindhoven

Ben jij zelfstartend, heb jij twee rechterhanden, werk je graag hands-on aan eigen projecten en spreekt de High tech je aan? Dan is deze rol je je op het lijf geschreven!!!

Maintenance Technician
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Looking for a new technical challenge in a state of the art environment? Keep on reading! We're looking Technicians who will ensure continuous production.

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