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"How TMC boosts your self-confidence"

Two years ago, we spoke with Youri Nabben, Production Engineer within Manufacturing Support, about his first year at TMC. At the time, he didn't know exactly what kind of job he wanted yet. TMC helped him to figure this out. In the meantime, his self-confidence has been boosted and he is very happy with his current position. In this article Youri talks about his development.

Youri Nabben - Employeneur


After three years at TMC, Youri still loves his job: "TMC really feels like my company. It is nice to have contact with other employeneurs. I can discuss anything with them and it feels like a safe place I can rely on. The contact with colleagues makes me feel stronger on a professional level. Not only do I get a better idea of the possibilities within the working field, but I also learn how to handle situations differently. Because of these insights, I can add more knowledge and skills to a company," says Youri.

Additional responsibilities

Besides working as Production Engineer, Youri also works as a Line Engineer at his project. In his position as Production Engineer, he is responsible for the production process. "The nice thing about this job is that I work a lot on the production floor and that I am constantly in touch with colleagues,” says Youri. A role that suits him well according to his Business Manager Thierry Debertrand, because he is at his best when he works together with other colleagues. He also monitors the overview of a specific production line. "As a Line Engineer, I make sure that production runs according to plan," Youri explains. "I find this even more fun and challenging because I am involved in several processes."

The power of coaching

Youri chose TMC because he likes to benefit from the development opportunities. "Through TMC I have an external coach who gives professional tips and tricks. My coach Marjan Vaesen helped me to grow enormously as a person. I have become more mature, both professionally and personally. I think it is important to feel good on a personal level, so that I can perform better at work as well. I can discuss everything with my coach Marjan," says Youri.

The biggest growth is in his work-life balance: "I have learned to organize my time in such a way that I can work quietly and get everything done in time. I can also handle questions from colleagues better. I am very helpful, but this is also my pitfall. Now I can help colleagues without spending all my time on it," says Youri. Thierry also sees this growth: "Youri has grown the most in the past two years in terms of calmness, pro-activity and self-confidence.

Learn in a fun way

Thierry helps Youri to develop to his full potential by providing field support talks and training sessions. “We are currently both in the Wicked Skills program,” says Thierry. “This is about change management and the professional of the 21st century. Youri is really motivated, even right after returning from Vietnam, he immediately joined the training on Saturday." Youri: “Through the Wicked Skills program I have improved my conversational skills and understand the different positions you can take within a company.”

"TMC offers many development opportunities compared to other companies," Youri adds. "For example, the greenbelt training has taught me how to improve business processes. I also gain a lot of knowledge within my business cell. Together with other employeneurs, I regularly go through different business cases. That way, I gain new knowledge in a fun way,” Youri says.

Future plans

"The nice thing about working at TMC is the freedom I get. The freedom to work on different assignments and to take on new challenges while having the certainty of a contract at TMC. "In the coming years Youri wants to gain more experience in production processes. "I would like to develop myself in the design of processes, their optimization and the structured data which comes with it. I also want to continue developing myself as a professional with the right skills for these times. I am confident that together with TMC I will succeed!

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