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"How human expertise and AI will enhance each other"

Groundbreaking AI technology combined with in-depth human expertise: this is how we and our partner Robovision help pharmaceutical companies improve their quality processes and efficiency.

An-Sofie Vandermissen - Director TMC Science & Technology


“What exactly are TMC and Robovision doing in the life sciences sector?”

An-Sofie Vandersmissen, Director TMC Science & Technology: “TMC is a high-tech consultancy company that supports its customers in the commercial manufacturing of (bio-)pharmaceutical products, with in-depth expertise in engineering, automation, process improvements, validation and quality. We are also heavily involved in the technological development of medical devices in collaboration with research organizations. We call our consultants 'employeneurs'. They are not only technically and scientifically strong, but also possess soft skills that are important in the context of entrepreneurship. Through a unique HR-model, we offer them lots of freedom and independence to determine their own career and growth path.”

Stephane Willaert, VP Healthcare at Robovision: “Robovision is a Ghent-based AI specialist that has just raised 42 million dollar in growth capital as part of its international expansion. We are active in various domains, including life sciences. For example, we help pharmaceutical

companies to develop new medication and optimize the quality controls of that medication. Minimizing the error rate and maximizing quality are extremely important for pharmaceutical companies. With automated detection, we help them achieve that faster, better and cheaper. There's an incredible number of opportunities, so it all comes down to prioritizing.”

“How does your collaboration create added value for all parties involved?”

Willaert: “We have established a perfectly complementary collaboration with TMC's experienced consultants to apply our technology to the pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) with whom they interact on a daily basis.”

Vandersmissen: “Moreover, our consultants can give input to Robovision about the strict regulations and the impact they have in a production environment. Robovision, for its part, teaches our consultants which opportunities AI can offer within their domain. This allows them to detect interesting opportunities for our customers and then propose a customized solution in collaboration with Robovision. This is also a major advantage for us in the war for talent. Our people can work with the most advanced technology and stay up-to-date in this rapidly changing market thanks to this partnership.”

“Can you explain your way of working?”

Willaert: “On the one hand, companies get the opportunity to create, test and use AI in a controlled and secure way through our platform. On the other hand, together we can develop specific customized solutions that can be perfectly integrated into the customer's workflow.”

Vandersmissen: “Our people can then use their practical knowledge of the industry and regulations to manage the implementation and integration of that customized solution. Since TMC has several business units - each with its own expertise - our own AI experts can further customize Robovision's software for our customers and we can also support Robovision with their rapid growth.”

Groundbreaking AI technology combined with in-depth human expertise: this is how we and our partner Robovision help pharmaceutical companies improve their quality processes and efficiency.

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