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"Etienne Rousseau: ‘We must keep working on positive energy’"

TMC future proof? With people like Etienne Rousseau on board, there is no doubt TMC has a bright future ahead. Motivated by familial reasons Etienne moved back from Belgium to France. Motivated by his urge to make the world better, he set up his very own TMC business cell: Future Proof.

Etienne Rousseau - Director


‘I strongly believe in my plans for a new business cell that focuses on engineering consultancy in the field of sustainable and renewable energy. It’s new to TMC, and I’m happy to contribute in this way.’ So, in March 2023 Etienne pitches his ideas to TMC’s Emmanuel Mottrie (CEO) and Loic le Mené (CEO TMC Paris). Five months later, he joins TMC bringing a big dose of entrepreneurship.

Paris, city of change

Coincidentally Etienne finds himself in the city of the historical 21st UN Climate Change Conference (COP21): Paris. Slightly less coincidentally, Paris is also the city where two of Etienne’s children live. Both the COP21 objectives and his children motivate Etienne to do the work that he does.

He also enjoys getting others excited for making the transition to renewable energy sources happen. Because finding the people to do it might be the biggest challenge. ‘We will need civil engineers, automation and instrumentation engineers, mechanical engineers, process engineers. And project managers, HSE-engineers, planners.’

Energy transition

For people who want to contribute, TMC Future Proof’s hiring pitch writes itself, says Etienne. ‘The coaching you get to develop your skills at TMC, the profit sharing, the responsibilities and autonomy we give you are all great benefits. And our work has a true purpose in building a greener world. It feels good to do our part for a sustainable and renewable future of energy. Yes, I really like telling potential candidates our story.’

Green energy as a business

And there are obvious business opportunities as well. ‘The energy sector is undergoing a major transformation. It's a sector where new technologies emerge. And where there's a global commitment on the part of governments and companies because they have ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets. So, there's bound to be a lot of potential.’

‘TMC FutureProof illustrates this. After only several months, we already have eight employeneurs working at different companies. Our goal is to grow to twenty employeneurs by the end of 2024. We also landed four big clients. And only months after we have started from scratch, we are already profitable, which is quite impressive. I am glad that Ludwig Boungo has just joined TMC Future Proof as Business Manager to help me develop our business further and recruit new employeneurs.’

Three types of customers

TMC Future Proof’s potential market is big, so Etienne has defined three types of clients. First the operators that possess the energy production infrastructure, like Total and Engie. Second type, the engineering and manufacturing companies that produce energy infrastructure equipment, such as turbines, compressors, and automation systems. These companies want – and need – to become more sustainable. Third, the engineering companies who deliver complete installations and factories, turnkey, to the operators.

Challenges in fossil and nuclear

For the operators, moving away from fossil, eventually, is a major challenge where TMC employeneurs can contribute. For example, a large oil and gas company has asked TMC Future Proof to take the lead on their Environment, health, and safety (EHS) policy.

Nuclear energy is an important alternative to fossil fuels. And it has been recognized as a sustainable energy source by the European Commission, despite heavy debate. France has made clear choices in favor of nuclear energy. ‘In France’s nuclear industry alone, ten thousand new jobs will be created every year over the next ten years. I believe TMC Future Proof has a role to play in nuclear energy. It’s a world on its own, with very specific rules and regulations, which requires very specific skills.’

New players in energy

‘Of course, defining these three types of clients is looking at the market from a rather traditional point of view. It will change enormously over the coming years. With new players in the energy production business. And new technologies, such as hydrogen energy and batteries. Already, we work for a major battery production company in France.’

TMC employeneurs bring value

Whatever the type of client, TMC FutureProof brings engineers with the skills and knowledge to advance projects in sustainable and renewable energy. They make plans, execute and coordinate tests, and manage the actual building of factories. TMC employeneurs focus on processes, make sure deadlines are met and help prepare and optimize organizations for a new reality.

Etienne always brings the employeneur who a customer may be working with, to initial meetings. ‘Because they are the content experts. They ask the right questions. And it helps to see if they are the right match.’

Matching skills and knowledge

The right match. That says it all. With his entrepreneurial spirit, his positive energy and his youthful enthusiasm, experienced professional Etienne is indeed the right match for TMC. The match that lights the sustainable and renewable fire within TMC France and that will contribute to a bright future. Both for TMC and for future employeneurs. ‘It’s like the hydrogen energy production chain. We must keep going now, don’t give up. We must keep working on positive energy.’

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