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"Employeneurs around the world: meet Fred Petti"

65 nationalities are working at TMC, and counting… In this five-part series we introduce some of our colleagues worldwide and share their stories. Today, we meet Fred Petti, Automation and Control Engineer at TMC Italy.

Fred Petti - Employeneur


65 nationalities are working at TMC, and counting. In this five-part series we introduce some of our colleagues worldwide and share their stories. Today, we meet Fred Petti, Automation and Control Engineer at TMC Italy.

Can you tell us something about yourself?

Hi, my name is Fred Petti, I was born in Italy 26 years ago, but I feel like I am 35 already. Why? I believe that experiences make a person grow up. Luckily for me, I already experienced several situations in my life that pushed me into the world of adults quickly.

A few years ago, I was following the dream of becoming a soccer player. Once I finally achieved the Mayor League in an Italian soccer team, I figured out that I was not sure I wanted to let my life depend on a simple game. To me, it was too risky because your career then depends on an excellent physical condition and injuries can ruin your career within seconds. The university environment challenged me in a whole different way, so at the age of 19, I decided to become an engineer.

After I graduated, I was lucky to get the opportunity to become an employeneur at TMC Italy. I now work as a Commissioning Engineer at Dematic. I love that I get to travel the world to follow the electrical installation. Later on, I start up automatic machines of sometimes almost a kilometer long and able to deliver up to half a million of parcels per day for hundreds of different destinations. I strongly believe in the power of traveling as a tool to provide future technical engineers with the necessary background to work with colleagues and clients from different continents and cultures.

Why did you choose to work at TMC?

Everyone who is working at TMC, has a similar mindset. I like that! Everyone has the ambition to discover entrepreneurship and I always say ‘employeneurs have their feet on the ground and their head in the sky’. TMC is a great place to develop your ideas and even start your own project whilst having all of the resources you need and the support of other TMC-colleagues.

Besides that, I chose TMC because of the many job opportunities. If you are ready for a new challenge, there are always many options within the companies’ network. That is what convinced me the to start working at TMC.

What do you like most about working as an Automation and Control Engineer at TMC Italy?

What I like most is that you can choose for what kind of company you’d like to work. Right now for me I have a position in which I travel a lot, but if I get tired of traveling in the future, I’m sure my Business Manager Massimiliano will help me in finding a new position that fits my needs.

Can you describe your dream project?

I am currently working on my network and getting to know people from all over the world. In this way I see the challenges people are facing every day and I take notes. In the future I would like to start and work on a non-profit project, such as building a hospital for rescued animals.

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What makes TMC Italy unique?

In Italy, young professionals have issues finding jobs for years already. Because of the pandemic, this problem has only become bigger. However, TMC Italy keeps on attracting new colleagues. It is great that we have welcomed new colleagues, and this gives a good signal to our clients as well, with whom we can start new projects. In the last year, TMC Italy has grown to 100 employeneurs, isn’t that unique enough?!

If you could work at another TMC office for a while, where would you like to work and why?

In that case I would like to work at an office in the United States for a while. It is a very interesting country with a culture that is not so different from the European one. Besides that, the USA offers many opportunities for open-minded people like me. I believe one can achieve great goals there in a way shorter while than in my own country.

What advice would you give future employeneurs?

I will suggest them to go to the TMC website, have a look on the five main principles on which the Employeneurship model is based. If these principles match with what they are expecting from their future company (I doubt they won’t), I then strongly recommend them to have a look on the careers page and start searching for job vacancies, filtering by country and expertise field.

They will find very interesting and challenging opportunities all around the world and they just need to apply for one of them in order to start an interview with the recruiters and have the chance to better understand why TMC is different from any other company. Sending my cv to TMC Italy after graduating two years ago has been one of the smartest choices I have ever made.

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