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Physics engineering touches upon all aspects of life creating amazing challenges

The field of physics is wide. It goes from very basic to the most exotic, and from manipulating the very small to controlling the very large. Together, TMC physics engineers master all aspects of physics projects. We gladly join multidisciplinary customer teams to work on ground-breaking technology.

Physics engineering

Every day, teams in all physics disciplines initiate new projects to improve lives. They innovate and commercialize research. They work on (product) development and engineering. A fundamental theoretical understanding and the ability to keep overview are necessary to deliver innovations on time.

From theory to application

TMC physics engineers possess the know-how and soft skills to run physics projects from start to finish. We work on both theoretical research and on application engineering. We are experts on topics such as optics, thermodynamics, data science and computational physics. And we are experienced system engineers, system architects and project managers. As true physicians, we want to understand anything and everything. In our dynamic careers we get the opportunity to keep exploring new things.

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