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Overview and multidisciplinary knowledge make the best systems

A broad perspective is essential when designing modern machinery and systems. TMC Mechatronics engineers have that broad perspective. We work at the intersection of mechanics, software, dynamics, control engineering and electronics on advanced technology solutions for a variety of clients.

Mechatronics engineering

TMC mechatronics employeneurs love a challenge. How about developing a robot for the ministry of defense? A precise system that plucks leaves from tomato plants? A surgical robot that helps doctors suture? Or an advanced measurement system for the semiconductor industry?

We prefer to consider a system from the very highest level. How do different parts communicate with each other? How quickly and precisely must this occur? What is needed to accomplish this? Our work encompasses every aspect of the V-model. On the verification side, we contribute to the specifications and requirements. In the middle, we perform mechatronic design: we select components, conduct studies concerning control engineering, oversee the mechanical design, and prepare tests. On the validation side, we carry out systems verification. Our goal? The optimal integration of subsystems.

The right match

TMC Mechatronics is a group of senior system architects and junior and intermediate-level engineers who work with our clients at just the right level, from providing advice on total system integration to detailed modeling and testing of partial and complete designs. A core value at TMC is our drive to develop ourselves, and we get plenty of room to do so.

We work primarily in the medical, high-tech, semiconductor and automotive industries. We find the most suitable assignment for every employeneur in these and other industries, and the right client for every TMC employeneur.

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