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A skilled and diverse team of specialists who make a difference in the broad world of electronics

TMC Electronics engineers are all about FPGA development and board design. And, if need be, about embedded software and ASIC design – both analog and digital. We gladly take on the most demanding challenges in the field of electronics and collaborate with a large number of renowned high tech organizations.

Electronics engineering

TMC Electronics employeneurs are experts on FPGA development and PCB design on all levels. From starting designers, with a couple of years’ experience, to expert architects, project leaders and other electronics team members at different stages of their career. At TMC Electronics, you can be a specialist, a generalist, or a master of all. With roles such as FPGA designer, all-round board designer and integrator, for example.

Real professionals for real challenges

New TMC Electronics team members soon feel at home, both on a personal and professional level. We pride ourselves in finding interesting and matching challenges for each member of our team, in sectors like high tech machinery, automotive, telecom and research.

By doing so, we have become preferred partner at many large organizations. Next to this, we also service many medium and small size companies. Our client base typically covers over 25 active customers with whom we have solid, warm relationships. Each of them can be sure that they will get the right person for the job.

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