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Application Lifecycle Management

We secure processes in organizations using Atlassian tooling.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) takes place where processes and applications converge. TMC ALM employeneurs have years of experience in Application Lifecycle Management. We fully understand the processes involved. And we have a passion for process optimization using the appropriate tools – especially those from Atlassian.

Platinum Atlassian Partner

We work where processes, people and tools converge. We connect these three elements in such a way that teams can do their work and people can work together in the best possible way. We always look at how we can make the most effective impact together with the client. For instance, we provide training to both users and administrators of Atlassian tools. Or we assist clients for a longer period of time during the transition to agile working or during a demerger of a division that will continue on independently. In cases like these, we delve deep into the processes, examine how to best design them and then seamlessly integrate the tools. We also optimize existing environments and work on migrations from a particular tool set to the Atlassian tools. We know we have succeeded when we leave customers with a system that works well and when they have the knowledge and skills to use and manage it themselves. In other words, we not only do the set up, but also documentation and recording. This makes sure that clients understand for themselves why we have made certain choices, what those choices mean for the configuration, and how they can adjust that configuration themselves if necessary.

Experienced team players

Our team members are experienced in ITIL, Agile and DevOps. We all have a passion for optimizing collaboration between teams and people. We enjoy brainstorming about the long term at a strategic level. About the processes that help optimize cooperation. Every year, we do this for approximately 100 different clients. From start-ups with five developers to organizations with 50,000 employees. And much in the same way as we map tools to processes, we always find the right match between clients and the employeneurs who are eager to take on the challenge.

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