TMC and NSX Normalized Systems announce partnership to deliver custom high-tech B2B solutions worldwide

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with NSX Normalized Systems (NSX), a pioneering software builder. This collaboration, operating under the 'NSX powered by TMC' model, represents an intensified and non-exclusive relationship aimed at leveraging TMC's extensive technical engineering expertise and global network together with NSX's cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to deliver custom-built software solutions at scale across various industries, tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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Mission-critical solutions at scale

NSX, founded as a spin-off company from the University of Antwerp in 2011, has been a key player in applying and advancing scientific research on Normalized Systems on an industrial scale. With a presence in multiple sectors including government, finance, manufacturing, and energy, NSX has successfully deployed over 100 live applications to date, many of which are mission-critical. These applications span from administrative to technical and industrial systems, covering areas such as energy monitoring, IoT and smart city applications, service gateways, privacy engines, integration, and document platforms. NSX builds, maintains and services important software solutions for a series of notable customers.

NSX powered by TMC

While we have enjoyed a successful collaboration over the past four years already, this intensified partnership signifies a new era of innovation and growth. NSX has approximately 50 employees, 11 of which are TMC employeneurs. The aim is to grow this number to 15. "We are excited to take our collaboration with NSX to the next level," said Jaskaran Sandhu, COO of TMC Belgium. “The new model enables us to offer custom-built solutions that merge NSX's technological expertise in normalized systems with TMC's vast knowledge across various high-tech domains. Together, we aim to provide our current and future clients with what we are already known for: high-end employeneurs."

Frans Verstreken at NSX Normalized Systems, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating: "In the fast-changing digitalization of industry and government, we are convinced that an organization needs to build more and better software with fewer people. In order to do so, while staying competitive, the need for science in software engineering must be matched by the need for excellent people to realize that. The combination of Normalized Systems Theory and Tools with highly educated engineers is the way to go.”

We are excited about the future possibilities that lie ahead as we intensify our collaborative journey!

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