"TMC continues its rapid international growth by taking over Romanian..."

TMC continues to grow. For the first time, we merge with an existing foreign company: IoTH becomes TMC Romania, headquartered in Bucharest. Through its culture and values, IoTH fits in perfectly with TMC’s employeneurship model. And Romania offers many opportunities to bring in Eastern European clients and, above all, to attract new talent. ‘Romania has good universities and many top engineers that we would like bring on board at TMC.’

Guffroy Morgan - CEO Romania


First foreign takeover

Until now, TMC has always grown organically outside the Netherlands: we opened our own new entities in various countries. Of course, our ‘employeneurship model’ played a central role in this. There are several reasons why we are now opting for an acquisition. The most important is that we can grow faster this way. Emmanuel Mottrie, TMC’s CEO: ‘If we want to continue to grow, we need to tap into new recruitment markets. We see that our vision on working and employeneurship is catching on internationally. It is hugely motivating to further propagate our organizational culture and structure.’

IoTH and TMC: the perfect match

It’s easily understandable that TMC's eye fell on IoTH. In IoTH, TMC found an organization that fits perfectly with the company culture. IoTH was founded in 2016 by Cosmina Dinu and Morgan Guffroy, an experienced engineer in the automotive industry and an entrepreneur at heart. Within the company, human values come first. Based on these values, Cosmina and Morgan put together a team of 60 top engineers who know the high-end IT consultancy industry well.

Morgan: ‘I got the opportunity to meet Emmanuel Mottrie and Rogier van Beek. We immediately had a great click. We share our vision on being an employer, which is about taking care of your people and keeping them on board. Emmanuel, Rogier and I trust each other and we trust our people. So that they feel the freedom to develop and blossom.’

‘And of course TMC and IoTH work in the same industries,’ Morgan continues. ‘So it makes sense to merge. I am very excited to continue growing together. That’s why we have immediately moved forward by hiring two new HR specialists who will help us realize our growth ambitions.’

Opportunities in Romania and Eastern Europe

Romania offers TMC many opportunities due to its strong local market in the automotive and telecom industries. Guffroy: ‘As a part of TMC, we are invited by larger customers, such as Renault.’ As such, the Bucharest TMC branch is the first step towards a network of customers in Eastern Europe.

Moreover, Romania has a number of other advantages. Emmanuel: ‘Romania has good universities and many top engineers. We would like to bind them to us. So that we can serve markets in Romania and surrounding countries. And set up international teams, in which engineers from Romania collaborate remotely with engineers from other TMC branches on projects for existing TMC customers. In this respect, Romania’s time zone and culture also played a role in our decision.’

More acquisitions to follow

With the acquisition of IoTH, TMC is taking an important next step in realizing its growth ambitions. Emmanuel: ‘Merging with IoTH is just the beginning. Our employeneurship model, in which entrepreneurial engineers are given a lot of freedom and have the security of permanent employment, has proven to be universal. Employees feel fully appreciated. Our horizontal, people- and values-driven culture is the future. We would like to let many more engineers worldwide benefit from this. In order to continue to grow towards 10,000 employeneurs by 2030, we will incorporate more companies like IoTH in the future.’

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