"Follow your passion as a Senior Engineer at TMC – just like Toine Kuipers"

Toine Kuipers is an Employeneur in the Test & Integration business cell. An engineer with an entrepreneurial mindset. Knows all about electronics. Finds a solution to any problem. Was already writing software when he was 12. Swooped over war zones as a technician with NATO. Served as a subject matter expert at Boeing in Seattle , flying into the world of testing. Has been working as an EME Engineer for TMC for 5 years, including the last 4.5 years with VDL ETG. Loves to be pioneering. Gets along well with his colleagues. Is not afraid of a good dose of personal development. And enjoys each and every technical challenge. In short, a born Employeneur, that Toine. But what exactly does employeneurship at TMC mean? We have asked none other than Toine himself.

Toine Kuipers - Employeneur


The right connections

“I started my TMC adventure as Lead Test Engineer at Sioux Assembly,” recounts Toine Kuipers. “I have now been with VDL ETG for 4.5 years and frankly, I’m enjoying every minute of it. My daily work is focused on testing electronics, mechatronics or mechanics, test automation, system integration and process improvement. Apart from that I like to do pioneering work, which is one of the reasons I enjoy being an Employeneur at TMC so much. In my spare time I make full use of the opportunities TMC offers.”

Reconnaissance with Throwabot

“For instance, I participate in the TMC Entrepreneurial Lab (TEL). This allows me – in addition to my daily work at VDL ETG – to take several projects to the next level while working on my personal development. These kinds of projects often lead to Employeneurs launching their own start-ups. One great example is Sita Robotics, a project that I am co-founder of. In this project, my colleagues and I developed a new type of surveillance robot for defense: Throwabot. This robot is able to explore potentially dangerous war situations without endangering human lives. I am very proud of this project and I enjoy contributing ideas from my defense background as well.”

Motivating and inspiring with GLOW

“Another successful TEL project that I am co-founder of is 3Beam. 3Beam is an initiative started by a group of international engineers who are interested in combining technology and art. We have been part of GLOW International Light Art Festival Eindhoven for several years now. This unique project is not only a fusion of technology and art – it also motivates and inspires people. Technicians like myself because they can challenge themselves on both a technical and personal level. As well as other people, by showing them what amazing things you can do with math and software. I think it's great to give something back to Eindhoven. We get very positive responses from the visitors.”

The way to a technician’s heart is through his stomach

“I can also indulge my love of technology at the regular TMC pizza sessions, where Employeneurs are given the opportunity and resources to achieve their own technical innovations and develop entrepreneurial skills. These knowledge sessions are always coupled with a hot meal, which is often pizza. Pizza sessions are great for your personal development. By constantly working on myself, I help move the entire organization forward and I get an enormous sense of satisfaction from everything I do alongside my regular project.”

The challenge of entrepreneurship

“What do I find so special about my work? I feel more like a freelancer than an employee, but then without the risks an entrepreneur has. As a Employeneur at TMC you have the security of a permanent contract, but the excitement and challenge of being an entrepreneur. For me, TMC is a platform that provides the right connections that allow me to pursue my passion. Especially for people fresh out of school, TMC is a great springboard for a successful start to their careers.

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