"From ambitious intern to employeneur with a mission"

During her internship at TMC, when Aniek Bierhoff got wind of opportunities regarding environmental, social and governance (ESG), she didn't waste any time. Indeed, she made every effort to embed it in all aspects of the business operations. Her mission: a sustainable future for TMC. After her internship, Aniek seized the opportunity to join TMC on a permanent basis. She made the most of the freedom to shape her own position and really influence her career path.

Aniek Bierhoff - Compliance & Continuous Improvement Specialist


More balanced

Aniek: “During my academic career, I recognized that the world is even worse off than you see on TV. That shocked me, and I asked myself: what path can I pursue and how can I leverage my academic knowledge to make the world more sustainable, more balanced? I quickly came to see that companies play a very influential role in the health of our planet. Moreover, consideration of ESG factors is critical to a company's own success.

ESG impact

In September 2021, I began an internship in the Entrepreneurial Lab. First, I analyzed TMC's current position with respect to ESG. Opportunities quickly presented themselves. Once I was hired, I formed an ESG strategy that incorporated all the organization's positions. This includes a code of conduct that can be read and signed by all employeneurs. This is how I encourage co-workers to take responsibility for their own ESG impact at TMC. It makes everyone aware of the shared values and standards at TMC.

Home port for employeneurs

TMC is a people-driven organization, which means the social dimension of ESG comes naturally to us. Our employeneurs are our most important asset, and we already do a lot to facilitate employeneurs' career development. My ambition aligns with TMC's objective: I want employeneurs to see TMC as a home port where they feel so in their element that they never want to leave. I find it thrilling to be a part of that.

Domain expert

My work is truly diverse. I network, come up with strategies, set them up and then give others the freedom to shape them in accordance with their own vision. Employeneurs who want to know more about this are welcome to contact me. I want to bring people together who are interested in tackling some aspect of ESG. I want to be a domain expert. The more people who are consciously engaged in ESG, the better. In the long term, tackling the complexities of ESG within TMC can also position us to assist clients that are striving to improve their own ESG. As such, we at TMC can make an even greater positive impact.

Setting the course

I learned a lot during my internship period. From the start, I was given the opportunity to take the reins. This includes being given the chance to speak with people throughout the organization and creating and sending a survey to everyone at TMC. When I became a permanent employee, I was given the freedom and trust to shape my own role, which is very good for me because I don't fit in a box. If I'm given an assignment I have no control over, I tire of it quickly. However, you do have to be sure of yourself at TMC to embrace that freedom. Of course you can consult with co-workers, but no one holds your hand. As a result, you have maximum influence on your career path. Setting the course for my own career makes me a happier person.

Common goal

A message I would like to share with my fellow employeneurs is: Together we face the wonderful challenge of making TMC the global home of the employeneur. Everyone has their own task, but only by listening to each other and working together will we achieve our common goal.”

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