"International experience enriches your life in so many ways"

Working as a business manager Matthieu Gueblez zigzagged across the globe. From Paris to Eindhoven, Montreal to New York, Toronto, and now Miami Beach, where he coordinated logistics and resources for the launch of TMC’s new office. “It can be challenging to adapt to new environments, be away from family and friends, and face cultural and language barriers. But for me the benefits outweigh the challenges.”

Matthieu Gueblez - Business Unit Manager


In 2019, Matthieu had his first contact with an international recruiter of TMC about a business manager role in Paris. “I would be open for the role but only if it is in another country,” he said. In February 2020 they got in touch again, this time about a position in New York. It was the beginning of covid but they started the process and Matthieu signed his contract to start the VIE-program in June. “Because of covid, I was scared the position wouldn’t be open anymore. But luckily, I was able to start for TMC USA, remote from Paris, as I already lived there.” In the summer he started in Eindhoven and worked US hours. He noticed that didn’t really work and because US borders were still closed, he moved to Montreal. This way he could work in the right time zone. Since their borders also closed, he stayed there from October-February. In February 2021 he finally moved to New York and was living his dream. “I was lucky with all the international offices I could work in. The office in NYC was ‘next’ to Empire State Building and I loved every day of being there.”


Mid 2022, Matthieu finished the VIE program but because of the visa he couldn’t stay in the US and went to Toronto for 1,5 years. “When I got the visa, I was thinking whether it should be New York again or someplace else? After talking things through with TMC USA CEO, Thomas, we both thought it would be strategic to open an office somewhere else in the US and wanted an environment where everybody could come in and work together. For me this was an opportunity to discover a new city and a new area and could help to create a hotspot for TMC and its employeneurs.”

Matthieu thrives in field operations, and over the past years he has been steering the ship as a business unit manager, where his coaching skills and passion for teaching comes into play. His role at TMC involves collaborating with several offices, which really honed his adaptability and collaboration skills. “I'd regularly coordinate with colleagues in different locations, which helped me become better at streamlined communication and understanding the needs of diverse teams. It helped my team to become a powerhouse of professionals in automation, manufacturing, and safety.”

Corporate ladder

There are several reasons why someone might choose to work at a TMC office in a different country from where they were born or are living now. One is career development. Matthieu: “Working in different countries provides invaluable experience in understanding different business practices, cultural norms, and customer needs. This can be highly beneficial for career advancement, especially in roles focused on international business or global strategy. Also, it creates opportunities for growth and leadership roles. TMC often offers internal mobility opportunities, where employeneurs can transfer to different offices and take on leadership roles in new locations. This can be a great way to gain experience and move up the corporate ladder. Working in a

different country often requires learning new skills, like a new language or adapting to unfamiliar business practices. This can significantly enhance your skillset and makes you a more valuable asset to any company.”

Besides career development, personal reasons can play a role in choosing to work for TMC in for example Paris, New York or Montreal. According to Matthieu, some individuals are inherently curious about different cultures and seek opportunities to live and work abroad. “Working in a different country can be a fulfilling way to expand one's perspective and learn about new cultures firsthand. It's important to note that not everyone enjoys working in different offices. It can be challenging to adapt to new environments, be away from family and friends, and face cultural and language barriers. However, for many individuals, the benefits of international experience and career growth outweigh the challenges. It enriches your life in so many ways.”

Social interaction

Growth was important for Matthieu as well as TMC because both realized working remotely is fantastic, but sometimes you want to come together to share ideas, have fun but also to remove any frustration. “At work, you always need a moment away from your laptop, phone or meetings. A place where you can talk to each other and be social. We have a lot of expats working here in Miami, and in many other offices. Therefore, it is really valuable to share where people could or should go in the city, they are working in. With colleagues, their family or on their own. It is important to have relax moments, to be social and interact with each other. In and outside your office.”

He started as a business manager, but Matthieu is now a business unit manager and manages a bigger team and recruitment. What he likes in his job is the coaching and helping people, also about things outside of work. “I’d love to help and talk about possible challenges, the differences in countries and culture, so when someone is seeking advice or would like to know more about moving or changing cities, I make myself available. I’m only one call aways and I wish everyone international opportunities in life!”

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