"Employeneurs around the world: meet Desirée Moberg"

65 nationalities are working at TMC, and counting… In this 5-part series we introduce some of our colleagues worldwide and share the stories behind these nationalities. Today we meet Desirée Moberg, employeneur at TMC Sweden.

Desirée Moberg - Employeneur


Can you tell us something about yourself?

My name is Desirée Moberg. I am 29 years old, born in a small town outside Gothenburg. In September 2020 I moved to Stockholm, where I work as a consultant for Tele2, a Telecom company.

I am a former professional competitor in figure skating and competed in the elite series several years, it is my biggest passion since a was 3 years old. One of my other big interest is to cook, and I love to try out new types of dishes and just spend time in the kitchen.

My way to become an engineer started nine years ago and a started my studies at University of Borås and finished with an exchange study in Shanghai, China. During my studies I worked at Ericsson, handling claimed telecom materials worldwide, learned a lot and continued in the Telecom business area a few years before I got in contact with TMC.

Why did you choose to work at TMC?

For me it was a chance to grow both in my business side but also as a person. To be able to take a stand in what I like to do with my work and control my career and gain experience.

What do you like most about working as an employeneur at TMC Sweden?

In my role I now work in the B2B field and make everything to ease and give our business customers the best possible network solution specific for their business. In our team we set goals and work together to reach them, and always work to look at our way of working to see what we can do better for us and our customers.

As a consultant I do like the variation of choosing my path of my customers, gaining experience and expand my network to be able to contribute even more. For me it is a lot about taking on new opportunities and daring to evolve.

Can you describe your dream project?

For me as long as I evolve and have fun at work together with a team I enjoy my work. But of course it would be cool to be involved in building any app from scratch and even more fun to do it for a good cause. I enjoy the fact to build something from an idea to a finished product and the journey to get there.

What makes TMC Sweden unique?

We are all in a big team in Sweden, we worked us trough the pandemic and now we are growing even more. Being a part of TMC Sweden means besides sharing work experience and growing within our business, we like (when there is no pandemic) to do a lot of nice activities together and enjoying each other’s company.

If you could work at another TMC office for a while, where would you like to work and why?

Both America and the Middle East is tempting for me. Both for the countries itself and of course my job orientation within IT/Telecom.

What advice would you give to future employeneurs?

Be curious and dare to try, you are just going to grow within your work skills and in person. Don’t hesitate to take help and ask within TMC, both in your country and outside. TMC is here to help evolve and support you to become and better employeneur so take the chance to understand and use the YOUrney.

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