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"“Working at TMC is about me as a person and my development”"

Many people see consultancy or secondment as something you do before you start working for a client. You can also do it the other way around, like Hans Warmoeskerken (32) did. He has been working at TMC since the summer of 2021 and an important reason for him to choose TMC are the extensive development options. Where previous employers did not keep their promises, TMC did. “I want to learn new things and develop myself. TMC's business model and how they treat their people fits perfectly. I really enjoy working here.”

Hans Warmoeskerken - Employeneur


Hans and TMC go back many years. His first contact was with Lotte Geertsen, the director of TMC's Entrepreneurial Lab. “At the time she and I spoke I was at a crossroad and had to choose between TMC and another company. A number of people at TMC got into the VIP - TMC's special program for Employeneurs who are temporarily without a project - which meant I wouldn't get an assignment quite soon. Partly for this reason I chose the other company to soon found out I was unhappy there. Promises were made about my personal development and training courses but that didn’t happen. Quite the disappointment I must admit. Especially because I am at the beginning of my career and full of energy, I find personal development very important. I want to work hard and develop myself at all times. The fact I get lots of opportunities to do this at TMC ensures I enjoy going to work every day.”

During his previous work, Hans stayed in touch with TMC. The business model and how they handle people appealed to him. “Our contact came naturally. Previous jobs were not the success stories I hoped for. I chose companies that didn’t meet my expectations (so it turned out) and that made me doubt myself and my judgment. I spoke to people that are close to me and they gave me the advice to choose what felt right. In other words, letting go of the rational and follow my gut feeling. It led me to TMC. Something I am happy about.”

Keeping promises

Hans feels right at home at TMC, partly because they guide and support him in his goals and ambitions. But also, because conversations and choosing training paths are about what he wants. A good example are the conversations he had before working at TMC. “We didn't talk about why TMC would like to hire me, or how ASML might be a good client to work for. It was about me and about what I wanted to do and learn. It was the common thread in all conversations that followed. At TMC I find many things that are important to me, such as challenging clients and projects, great colleagues but mostly the many opportunities to keep developing myself. They kept their promises and gave me the opportunities we had talked about. On one of my first working days, I started a Greenbelt training on 'continuous improvement' and how to make an organization more efficient and effective.”

The Supply Chain Management division of TMC, of ​​which Hans is part, is relatively young. Younger than all the others. “I learn a lot from that. We are currently working with the entire business cell on our vision and how we can develop this cell. As Employeneurs, we contribute ideas about the vision and culture we want to propagate. For example, we think it is important to organize regular meetings where we share knowledge with each other. Personally, I find policy extremely interesting and I see the development of the cell as an extra opportunity to develop myself. By thinking, about our vision and elaborating this, together with TMC, I am able to add an extra dimension to my training.”

100% support

Hans has completed the theoretical part of Greenbelt and is currently working on the practical part at his client ASML. In addition, he started another training course in which he learns more about the development of special skills in your professional career, called wicked skills. “Where other secondments often offer a standard trajectory – if they offer anything at all – TMC offers tailor-made solutions to my development needs. That's what really sets them apart. They don't say I have to finish a training before I can start another one. On the contrary. If I can and want to they encourage me to do more and to keep developing myself. Depending on what I can handle of course. The things I do now are a great addition to the skills I need to be able to lead projects in the future and fulfill a coaching role as a team lead. The fact TMC supports and facilitates me in this gives me back the confidence in my working future again!”

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