Let's talk about: Digital Performance Management

26 aug Eindhoven

Have you ever found yourself and your team overwhelmed by daily urgencies, constantly firefighting operational challenges? What if you could regain control, establish clear goals, identify missed opportunities, and nurture a continuous improvement mindset through cohesive teamwork?

Workshop: Digital Performance Management

Powered by Mevisio

In this workshop, we will guide you through the innovative approach of Digital Daily Performance Management, powered by Mevisio. By visually clarifying performance indicators, this method aligns your organization to achieve long-term goals and fosters the development of successful, collaborative operating teams.

Our team of experts will cover key areas, including:

  • Introduction to Digital Daily Performance Management
  • Hands-on Mevisio demo for personal experience
  • Customer interview showcasing how Mevisio has improved their daily operations

We invite you to join this session to be inspired and discover how digital daily
performance management can contribute to your continuous improvement activities. 

  • 17.00 Walk-in - Hosted by TMC DDPM team
  • 17.30 Dinner with pizza - JetskeRensma / Consultant
  • 18.00 Kick-off workshop - Walter Stals / Consultant
  • 20.00 Drink & networking- Jim van Heumen / Configuration Expert 

Location: High Tech Campus 96, Eindhoven


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