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Do you enjoy helping your suppliers optimize challenging processes? Are you able to ask the right questions and assess risks? Do you have a strong understanding of quality?

About The Member Company

We are a global high-tech consultancy company with a team of entrepreneurial engineers, scientists, and digital experts from around the world. Together we form a fast-growing and proud community. We offer consultancy services to high-profile clients globally in diverse service areas, such as:

  • Technology & Engineering
  • Energy & Renewables
  • Life sciences & Pharma
  • Digital & IT

About this vacancy

As a Supplier Quality Engineer, your responsibility entails guiding one or more suppliers through the production of new projects, particularly focusing on new product introduction and subsequently aiding them in further optimizing their processes towards operational excellence.

Your expertise lies in understanding the prerequisites for running production processes seamlessly. By skillfully posing pertinent inquiries to involved parties, you discern the level of maturity of a supplier's processes. Subsequently, you facilitate the enhancement of the supplier's processes to align with desired standards. Serving as a pivotal liaison between the development department and suppliers, your primary focus encompasses technical aspects and quality assurance pertaining to both the product and the process.

Clients within your purview span diverse sectors including semiconductors, complex machine building, automotive, healthcare, aerospace.

What we expect from you

  • Education: Bachelor or Master degree in mechanical engineering or similar;
  • Minimum of 2 years' experience in Quality Engineering
  • Experience with project management and knowledge of SPC, FMEA, 8D and process design;
  • Strong social and communication skills (self-confident, persuasive, proactive, stakeholder management);

What you can expect from us

  • Challenge and variety: together, we will search for your first assignment and client, allowing you to explore new and challenging techniques, processes, and people;
  • Security: with a permanent contract at TMC, you will work for various clients that you choose yourself;
  • Personal development: an experienced coach and a diverse range of training options are available to help you develop into the best version of yourself;
  • Professional development: a team of experienced NPI professionals, several training courses and your personal Business Manager will help you further optimize your 'market value';
  • Fun & team: we offer interactive workshops, knowledge-sharing sessions and social events to our team of approximately 40 NPI professionals.

In short, a fully managed journey, where you are in control.

The 5 basic principles of employeneurship
A long-term working relationship

Enjoy the security of a long-term contract and a stable source of income while getting the opportunity to work at diverse projects.

Individual profit sharing

Full transparency. That’s it. For each of your projects, you know your hourly rate, your costs, and your individual performance-based profit sharing, all in order to stimulate your inner entrepreneur.

Business cells

Our employeneurs are grouped in business cells based on their technical expertise. They are small, focused and function as high-grade knowledge networks. And as buzzing communities of close colleagues.


Every employeneur drives their own career. Together, we make a plan for personal and professional growth. Receive personal coaching and an extensive training budget to keep developing yourself and deliver outperformance at our clients.

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The Entrepreneurial Lab

Work on your technical dreams in our lab. Collaborate with others in multidisciplinary teams to unlock out-of-the-box thinking and innovative ideas as well as entrepreneurial skills.

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