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If you like to join TMC and drive your career to Employeneurship please apply!

About The Member Company

We are a global high-tech consultancy company with a team of entrepreneurial engineers, scientists, and digital experts from around the world. Together we form a fast-growing and proud community. We offer consultancy services to high-profile clients globally in diverse service areas, such as:

  • Technology & Engineering
  • Energy & Renewables
  • Life sciences & Pharma
  • Digital & IT

About this vacancy

The term Employeneurship might sound unfamiliar. It’s because we invented it. Not just as a word but as a way of working, a paradigm even. Being an employeneur is much more than just working as a technical consultant. This unique role gives you the opportunity to think and act like an entrepreneur, with the security of employment. But more than anything, it is a guarantee for continuous development and the opportunity to really be responsible for the direction of your career.

If you like to join TMC and drive your career to Employeneurship please apply!

What we expect from you

Expertise areas: Application Lifecycle Management | Big Data | Chemical | Civil Engineering | Electronics | Field Service | Industrial Automation | International Site Management | Manufacturing Support | Mechanical | Mechatronics | Nanotechnology | New Product Introduction | Physics | Software | Technology Executives | Test & Integration

What you can expect from us

Our unique Employeneurship model facilitates your development in the broadest sense of the word. For starters, instead of sticking to one place you get to work at various companies. All the while TMC remains your home base with a smart coaching program. So while you hone your ‘hard’ technical expertise in a challenging series of projects, there is ample opportunity to work on ‘soft’ aspects like personal skills.

At TMC you combine the security of a permanent contract with the opportunities that entrepreneurship offers. With the insecurities of running your own business out of the equation, you’ll have more energy to focus on the job at hand and your longer-term aspirations. Making time for professional and personal growth is a great investment.

Speaking of investment: Entrepreneurship offers both a stable salary and a reward for entrepreneurship. We are transparent about your project’s costs and turnover and will share the profits with you. Your TMC contract is tailor-made and takes your personal wishes and preferences into account. And to offer even more freedom of choice: in our Benefit Shop you find extra flexibility (and fiscal advantages) regarding your fee.

Because we are an international company we can offer assignments in different locations and countries. At this moment we have offices in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, North America and Dubai. Our customers are situated all over the world.

The 5 basic principles of employeneurship
A long-term working relationship

Enjoy the security of a long-term contract and a stable source of income while getting the opportunity to work at diverse projects.

Individual profit sharing

Full transparency. That’s it. For each of your projects, you know your hourly rate, your costs, and your individual performance-based profit sharing, all in order to stimulate your inner entrepreneur.

Business cells

Our employeneurs are grouped in business cells based on their technical expertise. They are small, focused and function as high-grade knowledge networks. And as buzzing communities of close colleagues.


Every employeneur drives their own career. Together, we make a plan for personal and professional growth. Receive personal coaching and an extensive training budget to keep developing yourself and deliver outperformance at our clients.

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The Entrepreneurial Lab

Work on your technical dreams in our lab. Collaborate with others in multidisciplinary teams to unlock out-of-the-box thinking and innovative ideas as well as entrepreneurial skills.

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